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“I think showing care alone is insufficient. We have to prepare them for a life that is gratifying to them and useful to society,”
Mohd Yahya Haidrus’s – President of Johor Disabled Children charitable And Cares Organization.
At the heart of the Johor Disabled Children Charitable and Cares Organisation is Mohd Yahya Haidrus, a compassionate soul driven by boundless love and affection for children with physical disabilities. In 2017, Yahya, despite being wheelchair-bound himself, established this organization with an unwavering commitment to making a meaningful impact in the lives of those often overlooked.

With a home filled with laughter and resilience, our organization embraces 20 differently-abled children aged between 4 and 18, each facing unique challenges such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, and hydrocephalus. Some were entrusted to our care by their parents, while others found refuge after being abandoned by indigent parents.

His 27 years of experience in a similar center in Saleng became the foundation for his dream. His aspiration goes beyond mere caregiving; it extends to providing these children with the tools and opportunities to lead normal, fulfilling lives.

The rented double-storey corner lot in Taman Johor Jaya serves as our sanctuary, a place where the warmth of care meets the determination to prepare these children for a life that is not only gratifying to them but also beneficial to society.

Motivated by the belief that true care involves holistic preparation, Yahya emphasizes the importance of instilling skills and resilience in these children. His personal journey, marked by his own impairment, has ignited a deep sense of empathy that fuels his dedication to the cause.

At the Johor Disabled Children Charitable and Cares Organisation, we are not just caregivers; we are advocates for a more inclusive and compassionate society. Join us in creating a space where every child, regardless of ability, can flourish and contribute meaningfully to the world.


Envisioning an inclusive society where every disabled child in Johor thrives with dignity and boundless possibilities, the Johor Disabled Children Charitable and Cares Organisation aspires to be the beacon of transformative care, advocacy, and empowerment.


Dedicated to enriching the lives of disabled children in Johor, our mission is to provide compassionate care, innovative support services, and educational opportunities. We strive to foster an environment where each child can achieve their fullest potential, promoting inclusivity, awareness, and societal understanding.

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