Empowering Children With Multiple Disabilities A Brighter Future

At Johor Disabled Children Charitable and Cares Organisation, we foster a pleasant environment with special care and resources, where children with multiple incurable disabilities can find the space they need to reach their full potential.

Care Services

Providing compassionate care and support tailored to the unique needs of disabled children in Johor, ensuring their well-being and comfort.

Healthcare Initiatives

Fostering a nurturing environment by delivering specialized healthcare services to enhance the overall health and vitality of disabled children under our care.

Vocational Training Programs

Empowering young individuals with disabilities through vocational training initiatives, equipping them with essential skills and knowledge for a more independent and fulfilling future.

Giving A Helping Hand To Those Who Need It

Johor Disabled Children Charitable and Cares Organisation was established to provide and giving shelter, individual care, health wellbeing, self management, training and education to the children with multiple incurable disabilities. Our organisation provides full time service to needy children.

Fulfilling Lives: Nurturing Abilities in Every Child

At the heart of our organization’s mission is the belief that every child, regardless of their abilities, deserves a chance to lead a fulfilling life. With a dedicated team of caregivers, therapists, and educators, we strive to create a nurturing atmosphere where these special children can flourish. Our holistic approach encompasses not only their physical health but also focuses on developing essential life skills and fostering a sense of independence.

Types of Disability


Down Syndrome

Mentality Retarded

Slow Learner

Cerebral Palsy

Become an active participant in crafting miracles for those in need. Your involvement can spark transformation and brighten lives.

Our Facilities

Explore a holistic experience at our center, where the Snoezelen Sensory Room encourages sensory discovery and relaxation, complemented by our Physiotherapy facility dedicated to enhancing movement and overall well-being. Discover a harmonious balance of sensory engagement and physical vitality in one welcoming space.


Our therapy center has a cool sensory room called “Snoezelen” for all ages. It’s designed for fun and learning with things that engage your senses like touch and sight. We can change it up to help you relax or get energized. These rooms are important for therapy, making sure everyone gets what they need to be their best.


Physiotherapy enhances movement and physical well-being by addressing underlying issues. It helps restore and maximize strength, function, and motion. Therapists work on skills like walking and balance in activities such as crawling through a ball pit. Our regular program supports physically challenged children in reaching their optimal functional ability.

Your Donation can Make A Difference

In our effort to provide a harmonious environment for this special children to stay and to sustain our organisation’s day to day operation, we really need your support and blessings. All form of donations provided will be channeled back to the organisation to buy any new equipment, food, building rent, medical expenses, worker’s salary, utility bills and other.


Account Name:

Account Number: 20106200113945 (RHB Bank)

We really hope that you will support us for our good cause to run this organisation. With very humble we would like to thanks you in advance for your support and cooperation. We pray to the Almighty to shower and bless you and your family with endless abundance, happiness, wellness and prosperity.

Thank you.